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Yasutomo, which literally means “Trusted Friend” carries that meaning into the products and services we provide. Identifying and evaluating tools for artists, teachers and students to inspire creativity is what we strive for.

Since 1954, Yasutomo has distributed traditional artist materials along with some of the world’s most innovative stationery products. Products sold under the NIJI, Y&C, and Yasutomo brand names represent reliability to our customers. Yasutomo products are thoroughly tested to meet Federal and local mandates for proper labeling for consumer safety. We welcome you to browse our product selection, projects and how-to-videos.


Yasutomo products are available for wholesale and trade only.


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Origami Garland and Lantern Kit

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Origami Garlands and Lanterns Kit (LG1000) Our brand new deluxe boxed kit contains paper and instructions for folding and creating festive garlands and lanterns. Instructions for a heart pendant, party dress, fi...

Karen Elaine | Jun 14, 2016


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