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Fold a fun flower out of plain origami paper and make it sparkle using pearlescent watercolors! This simple project can be used to decorate a holiday tree, or embellish a gift box or greeting card. Use your favorite pearlescent colors on a dark sheet of origami paper and the colors will pop!

To make this ornament you will need two sheets of 6" solid color origami paper and two sheets of 3" gold origami paper.


  • Niji Pearlescent Watercolors (NPWC21)
  • Two sheets origami paper double sided 6" square. In this project the paper is blue on one side and yellow on the other side. (4504)
  • two sheets 3" metallic gold origami paper (4413)
  • Large Waterbrush (KWB15)
  • Double Stick Tape (DST100)
  • Gold Mizuhiki  cord (MZP717)


Fold two flowers with the 6" paper starting with the blue side down. Fold two small flowers out of the gold paper using the diagram below. Click on the image to view larger.

Painting  and Assembly

  • Paint the petals of the larger flowers with the pearlescent watercolors using the Waterbrush. Be careful not to get the paper too wet. Dip the brush and saturate with a generous amount of color then paint over the petals. When the paint is dry it will have a shimmering marble effect on the paper.
  • Insert the small metallic flowers four bottom points into the center of the larger flower using the four pockets on the inside closest to the center. The small flower will fit snugly into the large flower.
  • Apply double stick tape to the back of one of the flowers.
  • Cut a six inch piece of Mizuhiki cord and form a loop at the top. Stick it on the back of the taped flower.
  • Attach the back of the second flower to the back of the first. The Mizuhiki loop will be the hanger and the ornament is visible on both sides.


The center of the larger flower can be used as a picture frame. Insert a small photo into the pockets instead of the smaller folded flower.
For a greeting card decoration, fold one flower and attach it to the front of the card.

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