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Origami Tealight Luminaria

Great for a holiday centerpiece, weddings or party favors this clever little crane twinkles over a flameless tealight base. Make several out of our new outdoor origami paper and enjoy the soft glow of light that will add ambience to any evening.


  • Outdoor origami paper 6" square Item number 4610
  • Battery operated tea light (purchased at Walgreen's)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Flat brush for applying paint


Fold the crane with the outdoor origami according to the diagram.

Click on the image to view it larger:
This is the tea light before preparation

After painting the base black with acrylic paint, let dry then cut off the tip with scissors.
Place the crane on the tealight "flame" at the base of the crane.

Make an unforgettable centerpiece for a holiday table using several crane tea lights luminarias!

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