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Mineral Paper
Tuesday, 17 November 2015 00:00

NOW IN TWO SIZES! Mineral paper is a unique surface and is different from synthetic paper. It is composed of calcium carbonate from rocks rather than tree pulp and is considered to be an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood based papers. Composed of 80% calcium carbonate bonded together with a small amount of resin gives the paper some very unique properties. Tear and water resistant, does not wrinkle and can be used on both sides. Mineral paper accepts any media wet or dry and the bright white surface allows for crisp lines and saturated colors. Mineral paper does not have a plastic feel and has just the right amount of absorbency for a wide variety of creative techniques.

Available in origami paper and multi-media artist pad sizes 9 x 12 and 11 x 14. Contact us for more information or purchase by clicking here.

Splash Ink and Chinese Ink on Mineral Paper

Colored Pencils on Mineral Paper


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