Hari-e Collage

A traditional Japanese craft of tearing, coloring and gluing paper to make a picture. Hari-e has been practiced for hundreds of years in Japan but is gaining popularity all over the world. The process is very simple but beautiful as the torn edges of the paper make for soft but defined edges.



Supplies needed:

  • Kozo paper HP544
  • Nori All Purpose Paste

  • Shikishi board, white museum or mat board.

  • Watercolors or acrylics

  • Niji Waterbrush Medium or large


Lightly draw outlines of the shapes such as leaves and flower petals onto the Kozo paper or you can trace over an existing image.

Dampen the outside of the pencil lines with the small Waterbrush or use a fine brush dipped in water. Tear along the dampened edges. The paper will tear very easily along the wet edge of your shapes. Make all of the shapes using this technique.

Stain the torn pieces with the paints. Dampen the piece first, then drop the color on the paper with the brush. Let dry completely
The stems at the top are rolled tightly, then stained. Let all of the pieces dry thoroughly. All of the elements of the flower are now ready to assemble onto the board.
Glue the pieces onto the board with the Nori Paste. Paste the back side of the piece first, then gently apply to the board surface. Wit the paste you will have a little time to reposition before it sets.
Glue the smaller pieces with the help of tweezers if necessary.Touch up with bright colors for added accent.

Now your paper painting is finished and ready to display. Enjoy!



Fine details were painted on the leaf stems after the paste dried and the yellow stamen area was intensified by going over it with a dot of more intense color. Add some Niji Pearlescent colors for a subtle sparkle to your painting.


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