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Fun Folded Photo Cube

A fun and clever way to display your favorite photos or quotes, this photo cube is made of  six separate units attached together with smaller folded sheets of paper. Once you get started on this one, you might find it hard to stop!





You will need:

  • 6 sheets 6" origami paper
  • 12 sheets 3" paper
  • 6 photos cropped 2 7/8" square
  • 6 sheets card stock cut 2 7/8"
  • glue or double sided tape.


Fold all six sheets of  6" origami papers according to the diagram:


For the papers to stay flat, insert the cropped photos inside the four pockets that are on each corner. Put a picture in all 6 folded units. Fold the 3" paper according to the directions and insert the paper into the side pockets of the folded units. Link four together and stand it up to make the sides of the cube. Attach the top and the bottom units on the cube and use a little glue to keep everything together.


Experiment with different types of papers for endless combinations and fun!



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