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A very easy to fold traditional box is made beautiful by textured pearl paper. This box was originally used for small offerings as the container sits on a little pedestal and has two carrying handles. The box folds flat for easy storage. The box is made with six inch paper, but try making it in larger larger sizes for more functionality.



6" origami paper from 4331 collection



Click on the diagram to view larger.

Fold according to the diagram starting with the color side down. 1. Fold all four corners to the center crease. 2. Mountain fold along one center crease so the solid sides are touching. 3. Valley fold the right corner over the left. 4. Open top flap and flatten into a square. Turn the paper over. 6. Open the bottom corner flap and flatten into a square. 7. Open up from the center and take mountain folds to the outer sides then flatten. Do the same on the other side. 8. Fold the top layer to the left and fold the bottom layer to the right. 9. Cupboard fold the outside top layers to the center and do the same on the other side. 10. Fold the top flaps down. 11. Open the box from the center using your fingers, 12. Pull on the flaps and shape the box with your fingers.


This box makes a great candy dish or wedding favor! Fill it will paper clips for a perfect desk accessory too.

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