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Beaded Origami Ornament

This elegant three dimensional origami ornament was featured on HGTV's Carol Duvall Holiday Workshop. It takes three sheets of paper folded exactly alike then assembled to make the ornament. Beads were added for a beautiful tree decoration.




    •    3 sheets 6" printed origami paper
    •    beads in different colors and sizes
    •    flex wire or tiger tail wire
    •    crimp beads


Fold three units according to the diagram. All three units should look exactly alike after folding. That is, all points need to be in the same direction when stacked on top of one another. The best way to fold the units is to complete one step on all three sheets of paper, then go to the next step and so on, until the units are complete.

String several beads onto the flexible wire or "tiger tail" and crimp with a small crimp bead just below the top hanging loop and at the bottom leaving a 2 1/2" gap between the beads. Experiment with the lengths of the loop and tail piece. The only thing that should be the same is the 2 1/2" space between the beads.

Ornament Assembly

Tuck the points into the pockets as shown below. Assemble the beads and insert them into the center of the ornament.



 Tuck all points into the pockets
Tuck the point into the pocket Assemble the ornament and insert the beads


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