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Color² Origami Coloring Ideas

Color² origami paper designs can be colored with a variety of colored pencils, water based markers and even watercolors. The details of the designs can be brought out by blending and shading colors, by creating large washes of color with a brush or the side of a marker or by the tip or side of a richly pigmented colored pencil. When using watercolor, use water sparingly to minimize wrinkling of the paper but if the paper does gets wrinkled just spritz the back of the paper with water and dry flat under a stack of books. These papers can be folded into beautiful origami models or just left alone or used in paper crafting. Below are coloring examples from our 4515 package colored in by the artist who designed the paper!









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Secret Heart Painting

Drawings and doodles are made with a white oil pastel or wax crayon on white paper, then watercolor is added for an artistic painting which can be a great looking greeting card. The oil pastel drawing will resist the watercolor so the paper stays white underneath. The pearlescent watercolors make the painting shimmer and bring out subtle highlights for a dazzling effect. This project is great for ages 7 and up.


Niji Watercolors NNC18 or Chinese Watercolors CP12

Niji Pearlescent watercolors NPWC21

Niji White oil pastel or white wax crayon

Niji Waterbrush or round watercolor brush

Strathmore mixed media paper or smooth watercolor paper cut 4" x 6" (postcard size)


1. Draw onto the white paper using the white oil pastel or crayon. Simple designs and doodles will give you the best effect.

2. Paint freely with the watercolors over the entire surface of the paper. Using a wet brush loaded with color, drop bright colors into the spaces between the drawing. See how the oil pastel resists the watercolors.

3. Add the pearlescent watercolors after the first layer of color is dry. You can add black ink as an option for a more dramatic effect.

4. Let the painting dry thoroughly and insert into a photo frame card.


  • Have one person draw on the watercolor paper, and another can paint over the secret drawing to reveal the surprise image.
  • Paint several layers from light to dark and draw with oil pastel or crayon between each layer.
  • Mount the finished painting onto a greeting card or insert into a mat or picture frame.

Download a printable project sheet by clicking here.







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Golden Origami Cranes

Make a single golden crane or a fold a flock of cranes to create beautiful holiday decorations. The crane is a symbol for peace, prosperity and a long life.

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Pillow Heart Card

Create a three dimensional pillow heart card using authentic Yuzen paper that feels like silk! Based on a traditional "paper quilting" technique originally from Japan, this card is quick and easy to make.

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Crane Star Ornament

With just a few sheets of origami paper, you can make a great looking decoration for any special occasion. This folded crane star ornament will be a festive and elegant addition to any celebration. The ornament is made with five origami cranes which are linked together by the wings and is easy to assemble. Watch the video and learn how to make it now!

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Origami Frame

'Tis the season to fold up some fun! Make a holiday picture frame ornament to decorate your tree or spruce up a greeting card. This origami project is easy to do and you can create several for each member of your family for a memorable celebration. Follow our simple directions and watch the how-to video!

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