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Niji Splash Ink

Create any color, drop by drop, from just four colors!

A new acrylic-based paint, Splash Ink is perfect for artists, designers, and students who want to mix an infinite variety of clean colors that are never muddy. Each 1 oz dropper top bottle contains 300 drops of color, and a recipe card shows how to mix more than 300 colors.

Made with pigments suspended in a fine acrylic emulsion, Splash Ink can be applied to paper with a brush, Niji Waterbrush, or pen. The colors are lightfast, permanent, stay vivid when dry, and they clean up with soap and water. Splash Ink set comes with four 1 oz bottles of concentrated colors, Blue, Magenta, Yellow and Black and a drop by drop recipe guide.

Individual refill bottles sold separately.

Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

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