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Painted Paper Origami Series


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            Painted Papers Origami

            Artist Karen Elaine created the Painted Paper series from her collection of hand-painted washi papers. She used mixed media techniques to achieve beautiful layers, saturated colors and textures. Perfect for origami, paper crafts, scrapbooking and collages.

            Six designs per pack, four sheets each. 81.4 gsm. Acid-free. Printed in Japan.

            Package has a two-inch header with a hole for hanging.

            Download Painted Papers Origami flyer HERE.

            Fusion Brush Wrap

            front view image of Fusion Brush Wrap box
            fudemaki with five Fusion brushes in the pockets and an abstract florals watercolor paintings to the side


            The Fusion Brush Wrap makes an excellent gift for artists. The sturdy and functional wrap has seven stitched pockets to hold and protect Fusion brushes and other tools while drying and transporting.

            We included our five Fusion brushes, perfect for watercolor, mixed media and ink painting techniques. The bamboo Fudemaki brush wrap can withstand wet conditions without warping, and the slats allow air to circulate.

            Download the Fusion Brush Wrap flyer HERE.

            Gansai & Shikishi Kit

            front view of the Gansai and Shikishi board kit
            two floral gansai paintings on shikishi boards next to an 8 color gansai set and a Wa Fude brush

            Our Gansai & Shikishi Kit contains the essentials for exploring traditional Japanese watercolor on washi paper and makes a perfect gift for the artist or beginner.

            Kit includes:

            • One set of eight carefully curated gansai watercolors
            • One Wa Fude brush, size 2
            • One 5″ x 7″ Shikishi board lined with gold foil
            • Ten sheets of washi paper
            • Illustrated instructions with QR code

            Download the Gansai & Shikishi Kit flyer HERE.



            Silverpoint & Mineral Paper Kit

            front view of the silverpoint and mineral paper kit box


            Discover an ancient form of fine line drawing with a modern twist. Silverpoint is a drawing medium Medieval scribes and artist used to create manuscripts and renderings on gesso-prepared surfaces. Mineral Paper accepts silverpoint without needing gesso, making it a convenient surface for silverpoint.


            Kit includes:

            • One 2mm silverpoint drawing tool
            • One 1mm silverpoint refill
            • One mineral paper board 5″ x 7″
            • Five sheets of mineral paper
            • Illustrated instructions with QR code

            Niji Watercolor Essentials Kit

            Niji essentials watercolor kit in box
            watercolor paper pad, open watercolor set with swatch card, waterbrush and bird watercolor painting


            Our Watercolor Essentials Kit is an all-inclusive portable color mixing and creating experience! It is an excellent portable set for beginners and experienced artists with everything needed for spontaneous creative expression.


            Kit includes:

            • One set of twelve transparent watercolors curated for color mixing
            • One Niji Premier waterbrush, large
            • One pad of 5″ x 7″ cold-press cotton watercolor paper
            • Illustrated instructions with QR code

            Niji Exploring Watercolor Kit

            front view of the Exploring Watercolors Kit
            picture of the exploring watercolor kit contents: Niji Premium Watercolors, 15 colors; 6" x 8" mineral paper pad; two Fusion brushes; fold up palette with paint in trays and paint tubes around it; and a watercolor flower painting


            Our Exploring Watercolor Kit is perfect for the beginning artist or student who wants to explore watercolor.


            Kit includes:

            • One set of 15 brilliant watercolors in tubes (including metallic gold and pearl!)
            • One 6” x 8” pad of Mineral Paper, 20 sheets
            • Two Fusion brushes
            • One sturdy folding travel palette
            • Illustrated instructions with QR code

            Brush Assortments

            Yasutomo’s new brush assortments include artists’ favorite sizes from three of our most beloved brush series.


            Calligraphy Brushes Assortment

            3 piece set: CC1, CC3, CC5

            Made with coarse, stiff, natural and synthetic hairs which give a crisp touch. Well suited to calligraphy or sketching when you want to have a bit of “spring” to the brush.


            All-Purpose Brushes Assortment

            3 piece set: SW00, SW3, SW5

            Perform various strokes well while still being flexible enough for shading and contouring. Highly recommended for watercolor work.


            Fusion Brushes Assortment

            5 piece set: FS1, FS2, FS3, FS4, FS5

            Classical Asian appearance with Western performance capabilities. Taklon fiber bristles hold a fine point for detailed strokes. Responsive, springy brush tips are perfect for watercolor and brush lettering.


            Usugami Paper

            usugami paper in packaging
            blue leaf collages and leaf line drawings on usugami


            Usugami is a strong, translucent tissue paper made in the Ehime prefecture of Japan. It is sized to allow for finer detail in ink, watercolor, monoprintmaking and laser printing.


            Usugami tears nicely, remains strong when wet, and dries transparent, making it great for collage and paper crafting.



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