CM18 – Traditional Chinese Ink, Ultra Black

CM18 – Traditional Chinese Ink, Ultra Black

CM18 is a very dense black, water resistant ink that contains almost double the pigment of CY18. It creates unique tones when thinned with water and works on porous and less porous papers, including metallics. Specifically made for Chinese art techniques, but suitable for all ink work, painting, drawing and calligraphy. Fade-resistant and water re-soluble. Chinese inks produce slightly cooler tones than Japanese inks. Bottle contains 180 ml (approximately 6.1 oz) ink, and comes boxed.

The unique adhesive formulation of these inks allows for increased stability but they will reconstitute in water. When these inks dry on absorbent papers, they can be wet mounted (i.e. water-based adhesive is used to bond the artwork to the mounting surface without bleeding or smearing).

Mixes with Chinese watercolors for interesting effects. Convenient lid design with an easy pour cap allows for more control and fewer spills.

Because this is a pigment ink, not a dye ink, it should not be used in refillable pens. These inks are not acrylic inks nor are there any acrylic properties or ingredients in them.

Expires 5 years from their production date. Bottle has a sticker with the expiration date on the bottom.

Dimensions: 2 7/32” x 1 1/2” x 5 15/16”

Weight: 8.1 oz

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