contents of the Niji Watercolor Essentials Kit: Niji Artist Watercolors Essentials kit with 12 colors and a watercolor swatch sheet on top of the tin, a Niji Cold Press watercolor paper pad, a large Niji Premier Waterbrush, and a watercolor painting of a bird

The Niji Watercolor Essentials Kit

The Niji Essential Watercolor Essentials Kit (NWS-KIT) is perfect for watercolor painting on the go. With a versatile, portable watercolor set; a postcard-sized watercolor paper pad; and a waterbrush that is always ready to go, this kit will be your preferred choice for plein-air painting and home painting alike.

Kit contains:

Niji Artist Watercolors are a high quality transparent color assortment carefully selected for ultimate color mixing capabilities and unlimited, brilliant color combinations. This set is perfect for creating landscapes, florals, still life, abstracts, portraits and urban scenes.

Niji Cold Press watercolor paper is made of 100% cotton fibers for high quality performance, strength and stability. This bright white paper is acid-free, chlorine-free and archival. Internally and externally sized, making it very absorbent and suitable for color lifting and other creative techniques. 15 sheets/pad. 5 x 7 inches. 140 lb/300 gsm.

Niji Premier Waterbrushes are a brush and water container combined in one convenient tool. With an easy-fill plunger system, the Niji Premier Waterbrush is easy to fill and a perfect brush to carry with you as you travel. Perfect for plein air painting. Comes with a cap to protect bristles when not in use.

Enjoy painting with your Niji Essentials Watercolor Kit!

How to Use Your Niji Essentials Watercolor Kit

Watercolor Tin

Step 1

Remove outer wrapper from each half pan in the set and reinsert into the tin box.

To tighten pans in tray, gently push upper metal tabs slightly downwards.

open watercolor tin showing hands adjusting metal tabs securing watercolor half pans in place

Step 2

Insert thumb into loop at the bottom of the tin to hold while painting.

bottom of the Niji essentials watercolor tin with a thumb through the thumb loop

Step 3

Use mixing trays to thin and mix colors.


Step 1

Unscrew brush tip from barrel.

waterbrush being unscrewed with arrows showing the direction of twisting the components

Step 2

Submerge open end into clean water.

Step 3

Slowly pull plunger up to draw water. Invert the barrel, push out air, and repeat previous step until filled.

Step 4

Screw brush tip back on the barrel.

Step 5

Push gently on soft button to release water when needed.

waterbrush being squeezed on sides to release water into brush tip above a Niji essentials watercolor set

Dip wet brush tip onto solid watercolor to dissolve and lift color from the pan.

Step 6

Clean brush on towel between each color and after using.

Empty waterbrush and let dry for long term storage.

Here is a more in-depth video about the usage and care of the Niji Premier Waterbrush. You can also see applications of the other waterbrushes in this series, like the bullet tip waterbrush (KWBP30) which can be converted to a DIY marker!

Watercolor Paper

Step 1

Unwrap pad and remove the top sheet before using.

Step 2

Gently remove sheet from pad after painting.

Color Mixing Tutorial

In this video, artist Karen Elaine guides you through a color mixing tutorial to get familiar with your new Niji Essentials Watercolor Kit.

Enjoy painting!

colorful circle watercolor swatches with the Niji essentials watercolor set and Niji premier waterbrush next to it

For more inspiration, check out these other videos:

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