Nori Paste

Nori Paste

Perfect Paste for the Perfect Project

What is Nori Paste?

Japanese Nori Paste is a starch-based adhesive that works for a variety of crafting needs.

Why do people love Nori Paste?

  • Non-toxic
  • Acid-free
  • Dries clear and incredibly strong
  • Entirely reversible in water!
  • Can be thinned with water to make it the right consistency for your project
  • Versatile: Adheres to paper, glass, metal, plastic, wood and fabric
  • Dries slowly, allowing for intricate readjustments
  • Will not wrinkle or soak through paper or fabric
  • Safe to use with even the most delicate papers
  • Easy to wash off hands and clothes
  • Pleasant smell

What is Nori Paste used for?

Nori Paste is a must have for all paper projects, from bookbinding to scrap booking, archival to collage.

This versatile adhesive also works wonderfully for Bunka embroidery and woodblock printing; makes a great watercolor medium; and can even be mixed with PVA glue.

What sizes are available?

Nori Paste is available in 1.84 oz mini jars (NP55), 10 oz tubs (NP56J), 20 oz tubs (NP60J), or a 20 mini jar display (NP55K).

How Do I Use Nori Paste?

Watch this video for a demonstration of traditional and modern uses for Nori Paste:

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