silverpoint drawing on a bird on mineral paper with silverpoint drawing tool laying on drawing

The Silverpoint and Mineral Paper Board Kit (MPC-KIT) contains everything you need to get started with this classical artform.

Silverpoint is a type of metalpoint used by artists and craftsmen since ancient times. The softness of the metal makes them effective drawing instruments which allows for detailed, meticulous drawings. Because Mineral Paper is made mostly of calcium carbonate, it is an excellent surface for silverpoint drawings.

Kit contains:

The 2mm Silverpoint Stylus has a 99% silver point measuring 9mm long, 2mm wide. The tip is beveled to allow for different drawing techniques and line thicknesses. The stylus has a black 5 1/2″ long wooden handle with an elegant bamboo shape for a comfortable grip.

The 1mm Silverpoint refill tip is a replacement silverpoint tip in a finer size. You can switch out your stylus’ tip anytime you like by simply unscrewing it and replacing it with the other size!

The Mineral Paper board 5″ x 7″ is a special item only available in our Silverpoint & Mineral Paper Board Kit. A sheet of 140gsm Mineral Paper is mounted to a hard backing to give you a solid drawing surface for a beautifully finished drawing that you can display proudly or gift to someone special.

Five sheets of 140gsm Mineral Paper measuring 5″ x 7″ are included in this kit to give you practice sheets, or these can even be used to create finished drawings on their own. Once you’ve used these sheets up, pick up our other Mineral Paper pads so that you can continue drawing.

How to Use Your Silverpoint & Mineral Paper Board Kit

Step 1

Preparation of the tool

The silverpoint tip may have sharp edges that can be sanded with 300 grit or higher sandpaper for a smoother drawing experience.

silverpoint stylus tip being sanded on a sheet of 300 grit sandpaper

Step 2

Surface Preparation

Mineral Paper does not need to be prepared, however you can prepare other surfaces with gesso or silverpoint ground. To prepare a gesso surface, first apply an even coat of gesso to your desired surface. Allow to dry completely. Once dried, use your silverpoint tool directly on the gesso to start drawing.

close up shot of a gesso prepared surface
Prepare your surface with gesso
close up shot of silverpoint being used to draw on a gesso prepared surface
Draw with silverpoint on dried gesso

Step 3


When drawing on mineral paper with the silverpoint tool, be sure the surface underneath is firm. Pressing too hard will dent the surface. Place on a hard, smooth surface for best results.

practice silverpoint marks on mineral paper
Place mineral paper on a hard surface when drawing

Step 4

Practice line work, drawing, shading, layering and erasing on the loose sheets. Draw lightly on a hard surface to prevent bending of the tip.

practice silverpoint marks on mineral paper: shading, curly lines and cross hatching
Practice line work, drawing, layering and erasing

Step 5

Create fine lines with the pointed edge of the tip and shade with the flat edge of the tip.

practice silverpoint shading marks on mineral paper
Shade with the flat edge of the tip
practice silverpoint marks on mineral paper: shading and cross hatching
Create fine lines with the pointed edge

Step 6

To make an area darker, draw or shade with light strokes over the previous layers. Go over marks repeatedly until the desired depth of darkness is achieved. Pressing harder on the substrate will not result in a darker line but may instead warp your substrate or even bend or damage your silverpoint drawing tool.

layered silverpoint marks on a mineral paper drawing of a bird
Darken areas by going over lines repeatedly
layered silverpoint marks on a mineral paper drawing of a bird's eye
Shade darker areas by layering marks
Layer marks

Step 7

To create highlights, use an eraser to lift silver from the surface. An electric eraser works very well.

electric eraser being used to erase silverpoint marks from mineral paper

Step 8

Marks are made with 99% silver and catch the light beautifully. Silverpoint drawings will change color over time from silver gray to a rich, warm tone.

silverpoint bird drawing on mineral paper glinting in the light
silverpoint drawing of a bird on mineral paper with light showing the shine of the silver
slightly tarnished silverpoint portrait of a lady looking off into the distance
Silverpoint tarnishes to a warm tone over time

Step 9

Replacing tips

To replace your silverpoint tips, simply unscrew the old point from the handle and replace with a new one.

silverpoint tip being unscrewed from the Yasutomo Silverpoint Drawing tool

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