picture of the exploring watercolor kit contents: Niji Premium Watercolors, 15 colors; 6" x 8" mineral paper pad; two Fusion brushes; fold up palette with paint in trays and paint tubes around it; and a watercolor flower painting

The Exploring Watercolors Kit 

The Exploring Watercolors Kit (NNC-KIT) is a fun and easy way to explore color mixing and watercolor painting for beginners and watercolor enthusiasts alike.

Kit contains:

The Niji Premium Watercolors set includes 13 solid colors and 2 metallics – a pearl silver and a gold – so you can create beautiful highlights and shimmering effects!

Yasutomo’s Mineral Paper pad also provides a unique watercolor painting experience from painting on standard cotton paper. Mineral Paper is made of 80% calcium carbonate. Its unique surface allows you to work with color on the paper longer than with cotton paper because it is less absorbent and takes longer to dry. Watercolors also dry with a unique effect on mineral paper. (Mineral Paper is also available in different sizes if you would like to continue using this one-of-a-kind substrate!)

Enjoy exploring watercolors with this fun and easy-to-use kit!

How to Use Your Exploring Watercolors Kit

Step 1

Squeeze each color directly out of the tube into the well of the palette.

Squeeze out as little or as much paint as you like.

Let the paint dry in the palette before closing the lid, storing, or traveling. This may take a few days depending on the humidity.

hand squeezing a tube of blue watercolor into a plastic paint palette

Step 2

Use the large flat areas on the palette to mix or thin colors.

paintbrush thinning red watercolor with water on a plastic palette filled with other watercolor paints


Step 3

Insert your thumb into the hole to secure the palette with one hand.

plastic palette being held by a hand supported by a thumb through a thumb hole in the palette

Bonus Tips

Bonus Tip 1

Achieve different effects on dry and wet mineral paper. A dry background will give you sharp edges around the paint. A wet background will give you soft edges.


Bonus Tip 2

Build layers of color by painting new layers on top of dried color.

pink watercolor flower shape layered with a more opaque layer of pink watercolor
layering watercolor on top of dried watercolor

Bonus Tip 3

Lift color with a damp sponge, or brush and blot with a tissue or paper towel.

example of color lifting blue watercolor from mineral paper with a damp paper towel
color lifting with a damp paper towel
example of color lifting on from a pink flower on mineral paper with a paper towel
color lifting by wetting the area with a brush, and lifting color with a paper towel

Enjoy painting!

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Visit the Yasutomo YouTube channel for more tutorials, demos, and product reviews!

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